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Search More!!! Australian rapper Iggy Azalea real name Amethyst Kelly has become a fresh new face among the hip hop industry, and is probably best known for her hit single "Fancy" featuring Charli XCX.

However, with her X-rated lyrics and oversexed provocative image, she isn't considered to be the prime example of a role model for teenage girls, yet she has the ability to garner a massive fanbase who idolize her. So one may ask, what is Iggy Azalea 's agenda? Is she merely a talented young artist from Australia who became lucky in the music industry after moving to the United States? Could there be something far more sinister beyond her achieved fame?

What makes Iggy Azalea different from the rest of the Illuminati acolytes?

666 musicians in ghana

Like most modern day hip hop artists, Iggy Azalea 's songs contain a substantial amount of immoral messages that revolve around topics such as sex, wealth and fame, which are laden with profanity and thus marketed towards a young adult and teenage audience. In the Illuminati society, using these mainstream artists to convey negative messages to the world is a commonality, and Iggy Azalea appears to be another one of their sinful servants.

In her music video for the single "Change Your Life," the unholy Eye of Providence can be seen on her crop top. In her Indian-themed music video for the song "Bounce," she briefly flashes the "A-ok" gesture with.

666 musicians in ghana

There is also a subliminal message shown in this promotional photo for Ariana Grande's song "Problem," which features Iggy Azalea. In the background there is a five pointed star, and to the right there is a black horse behind it.

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The black horse could possibly symbolize the black horse of famine mentioned in The Book of Revelation, and it was also mentioned in Katy Perry's subliminal song "Dark Horse. The most accurate interpretation of the black horse is that it symbolizes wealth and power, as black dye could only be afforded by the wealthy during biblical times, and that the wealthy will eventually cause severe corruption in the economy and affect the lower economical classes, which seems to be something that the Illuminati is very capable of doing.

Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Older Posts Home.

Top 10 Famous Ghanaian Musicians

Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Leave Comments!!! Share This With Friends!!! Jay Z's surreal music video for his song "Onto the Next One" contains several questionable imageries. A glass birdcage is seen at the second mark.

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The birdcage is linked to Monarch mind controlling, and used as a representation of enslavement to the Illuminati. At seconds he is shown gesturing the sign of Baphometa common gesture associated with the Illuminati. Other Baphomet references are seen throughout the video, at a large horned skull makes a subtle appearance. Black wings briefly form into a Baphomet-like shape at Ata ram skull appears, another reference to Baphomet.

A crucifix between two bullets is seen atwhich could be depicted as a mockery of Christ.Are you tired with the kind of life you are living today! My name is Tony Larry and I am a member of the illuminati I started inwith the help of William that is a blessing for my life, because, A member of the Illuminati changed my life and I am able to take care of things now, thanks to Mr.

William and the great illuminati fraternity. Join now to achieve your dreams…. And while anyone can join, some have a much better chance of joining the Illuminati Supreme Circle Illuminati Secret Society than others. The occult only uplifts whats inside you or the atmost thing your heart desires for your life. Once a member, the obligations, requirements sacrifices are unimposing and often spaced between months or years.

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Stay Bless. We are looking out to the way we can reach everybody in every way we can to help put the world together in anyway we can. No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may.

666 musicians in ghana

We ourselves must walk the path. I am not here to start announcing how much you earn when you join the great brotherhood, I am only letting you know the benefits of joining the great brotherhood to you and everybody around you. Trust me there are lots of things you enjoy been a member of the brotherhood, money is not a problem and would never be. Join the great Illuminati brotherhood of frame, riches and power toady and live a life well fullfiled.

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Is it someone or something you desire to have? Do you want wealth Want to grow your bank account? Tired of working hard and getting know where?Ghana] The face of the Ghana gospel music scene has seen tremendous changes through various improvements championed by some great ministers of God.

Over the last few years, several gospel artistes have performed marvelously well by contributing their quota through music to propagate the gospel of Christ to as many while improving the moral standard in society. Most of these songs can be classified as? Here today we? Many of these ministers seem to have laid low after making those great impacts on the gospel music scene but they remain significant personalities in Ghana?

Recalling some of those songs by the persons above that really moves you and you sure will agree they are amongst the all time best gospel artistes in Ghana. Watch out for the second part of this article, but before its out, comment with the name of that favourite gospel artiste you think should be in there. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. News Ghana. Daughters of Glorious Jesus 2. Taggoe Sisters 3. Mama Esther 4. Esther Smith 5. Kwaku Gyasi 6.

Cindy Thompson 7. Stella Dugan 8. Yaw Asomafo and Asomafour 9. Elder Mireku Danny Nettey Recalling some of those songs by the persons above that really moves you and you sure will agree they are amongst the all time best gospel artistes in Ghana. Stay blessed!! I hope to see some of these gospel musicians go international. Comment: They have a good and wonderful nutural voice.

Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr. Having achieved street credibility in a fairly undeveloped Ghanaian dancehall genre at the time, he achieved popularity with his single, "Moko Hoo", which features Tinny. There afterward, Bandana went missing in the music circus for nearly a decade until rebranding Himself in Inhe peaked at number 38 on E.

He was ranked "Most Influential Musician" on social media in In a Facebook live video, Wale stated that he did not enjoy motherly love and care at the early stages of his life because a pastor caused a separation between his parents which made him remain under his father's care and later ending up on the streets.

As a child, his father introduced him to the Jamaican culture by playing Reggae records in the house and also continuously travelling with him to the UK to meet his relatives who were half Jamaicans.

These exposures made him develop a love for music at a tender age. His intense passion to do music made him lose interest in schooling but his father forced him to complete his high school education later in the Volta Region of Ghana which had initially kicked off at the Winneba Secondary School in the Central Region of Ghana. Even in the school and right after school he pursued his musical dream but his father did not agree and wanted him to become a lawyer, this led to a misunderstanding between the two eventually tearing down their beautiful relationship.

Shatta Wale lived in almost all the ghettos Nima in Accra just to survive: "There were many times I slept without food. I have been through all the hustle in life, I mean hell.

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I have lived with the people and became one of their own. No wonder my music easily resonates with the people. I am thankful to God for making me see the daylight. Shatta Wale later went to Jamaica to polish and master his dance hall craft. So no wonder my fans call me King because they know the history of the modern dance hall in Ghana" Shatta Wale stated in an interview. His musical career began during his high school days at the Winneba Secondary School where he learned to play keyboard and received routine vocal training at the school's music class department, then known as Doggy.

What Does 666 Mean?

After secondary school, he the took time to work on his music. Having achieved street credibility in a fairly undeveloped Ghanaian dance hall genre at the time, he soon gained recognition with his hit single, "Moko Hoo", which featured fellow Ghanaian musician Tinny in using Bandana as his stage name.

The song earned him a nomination at the Ghana Music Awards that year. Bandana followed with the hit songs "No Problem" and "Obaa Yaa". At this point, he was receiving heavy rotation on radio and was backed by a fan base that shot him into the mainstream Ghanaian music scene. Despite his prominence, Bandana went missing in the music circus in Ghana. With a re-branded name from Bandana to Shatta Wale, he started a new career which largely bothers on dance hall in a Jamaican style of production in Nimaa small community in Accra, Ghanaa place that harbors a lot of Muslim youth and ghettos.

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It was there he amassed a fan base, who were influenced by him and felt empowered by his songs. This approach revived dance hall in Ghana, a genre which had been left abandoned. Shatta Wale gives credit to the likes of Terry Bonchaka and Yoggy Doggy for nurturing him when he began his dance hall journey. He explained in an interview with King Lagazee why he had been less active and what the reason for his decreased popularity was.

Largely producing and mastering majority of his songs such as "Havana", "Shatta City", "Enter the Net", "Everybody Likes My Tin", and "Dance hall King", the latter of which became his biggest hit after his comeback. The tracks were well received in Ghana and globally with critics talking about the influence of Jamaican dance hall as many Ghanaian were only used to the type of dance hall called Hip-life with a touch of ragga.

The Guardian qualified "Wine Ya Waist" featuring Davido among its five must listened new tracks from around the world. In a heated political atmosphere, Wale became one of the most powerful men in Ghana as two biggest political parties, National Democratic Congress [14] and the New Patriotic Party used his hit songs; "Mahama Paper" and "Kakai" to run their campaign in the general election.

In a desultory conversation with an interviewer, Wale stated that: There were some attempts by some members from the political parties to coax him to endorse their party but he did not cling because of his fans.

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There were banners in town bearing Shatta Movement for NDC but Wale in a Facebook post made it clear that he has not endorsed any political party and all parties running their campaign under the Shatta Movement Banner should desist or face legal action.

However, wale did not hesitate to perform for any of the political parties as his service was demanded. For that, he stated his wish that bureaucrats would confirm "Kakai" to appear in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. Inhe toured the US to promote After the Stormthen traveled to Jamaica to shoot videos for projects he had jointly done with some producers there. Wale signed with Zylofon Music in January He had the most packed concert in the history of Ghana music with his Reign Concert as the only performer.Many Ghanaian celebrities, thanks to their success, have been fingered as part of the cult group.

Before you go on and rant, we are not accusing anyone of being part of it but rather they have been rumored to be part, partly because of their success, deeds or signs. Friday, July 17, All Fashion food Health Travel. Home Entertainment. May 27, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. The fabulous life of Emmanuel Adebayor — His private jets, houses, motor bikes, cars, shoes Photos Top 18 most beautiful women in Nigeria 5 Major causes of low sperm count — Guys, you need to know this!

See the richest president in the world and his filthy rich lifestyle See Photos Many Ghanaian celebrities, thanks to their success, have been fingered as part of the cult group.

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Navigate Site. Follow Us. Welcome Back! Login to your account below. Forgotten Password? Create New Account!

Fill the forms bellow to register. All fields are required. Log In.The music culture in Ghana is very diverse, traditional and modern music exist side by side. Over the years, the music scene has been changing rapidly in the country. However, the most popular genre of music is known as HipLife. The top ten HipLife musicians in Ghana are as follows:. Sarkodie, also known as Obidi is a hip-hop artist whose real name is Michael Owusu Ado.

He was born on 10th July in Tema, Ghana.

666 musicians in ghana

The music genres he performs include Azonto, African hip-hop, and Ghana hiplife. Sarkodie is currently signed with Duncwills label. As a rapper, he also collaborates with other top musicians in Ghana. He is a Ghanaian rapper who was born in the UK. Since pioneering Hiplife music inhe has lived in Accra, Ghana.

He mainly does his performances in English and Twi. He has also performed alongside world famous musicians such as Shaggy inand Beanie Man in Batman Samini, also known as BatSami or simply Samini is well known for his well-orchestrated stage performances. His music style involves freestyling and also being able to perform together with a live band. Samini electric performances come in handy in hyping his audience. His stage performances stand out for his ability to make the audience feel as though they are part of it.

One would always find his audience singing along with him. Denning Agbeviadey Edem is a recording artist from Ghana. His stage names include Ayigbe Edem or simply Edem. The musician from the Volta Region, Ghana does music in the local Ewe dialect. Hip-hop and Reggae are his preferred music genres. His music journey which started in has seen him perform with other famous musicians such as Tinny, Sarkodie, Kwaw Kese, Obrafour, and many others.

At the moment, he is signed with Volta Regime Music Group. Obrafour is one of the most energetic stage performers in Ghana. He came from humble beginnings to become one of the most sought-after musicians in Ghana. This is attributed to the fact that large organizations always use him and his stage presence to market their products.

Kwaw Kesse is without a doubt, one of the most established musicians in Ghana. More than putting up solo performances, Kwaw Kese has collaborated with many other artists from the region. His music albums feature artists such as El, K. K, Samini, Tinny, Sarkodie, and many others.Do you want to know the top 10 richest musicians in Ghana ?

They are a number of talented musicians in Ghana who now rank impressively when compared to that from other African countries like Nigeria and South Africa. Efforts must accompany results. So we will be looking at top richest musicians in Ghana and their net worth. A lot of musicians from Ghana are doing a lot of collaboration with foreign artist, and bagging awards within and outside the country.

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Sarkodie is a native of Tema and is very prominent within and beyond Ghana. He is a gifted rapper and recording artiste. He specializes majorly in Hiplife and Hip-Hop styles of music. He was given his secondary education at Tema Methodist High School.

Following his successful decision to further his education, he was privileged to school at IPMC where he graduated with a degree in Graphic Design.

Sarkodie is among the richest musicians in Ghana and has engaged in musical collaborations with many other renowned Hip-Hop stars across and beyond Ghana. He is prominent for his musical roles as a reggae dancehall artiste cum song producer. Kwame is a native of Nsuta. He is famous for his proficiency in mingling his creative skills as an entrepreneur, director, songwriter and singer. Meanwhile, he is widely perceived as a remarkable musician whose music greatly centres on the Afro-pop, rap, and Hiplife.

Due to his ardent passion for music, Kwame chose to take on music as a career through his tertiary education at Kwame Nkrumah Un i versity. At the university, Kwame made music his course of study and in this event, he focused on the study of classical guitar.

At the end of his academic programme, Kwame graduated with an academic degree in linguistics. Having married to Annica Nsiah-Apu, reputable Kwame is blessed with two offspring and through the great benefits music has added to his life, he is declared the richest Ghanaian musician. She has buttressed her reputation with several albums —about three studio albums. She makes waves as she is presently in a deal with EKB record label.

Like several other artists, she has made a name for herself within and outside her country. With the help of musical engagements, she has amassed a lot of wealth for herself and amongst the artists, she has featured with are Uhuru, 2Face, MI and lots more.

Born as natives of Tema in Ghana, the two R2Bees stars have R2Bees Entertainment as their record label and are known for their versatile musical ambit which encompasses highlife, hiplife, Hip-Hop, and Afrobeat. Rashid Mugeez and Faisal Hakeem have been together right from their childhood during when they were schooled at the same schools both for the pr i mary and secondary levels in Tema.

Meanwhile, their potentials as rappers became evident beginning from their days in school. Apart from that, they took part in rap contests on behalf of their school. Like several other Ghanaian stars, the R2Bees stars have partnered with a number of artists in musical collaborations within and outside Ghana.

His birth came about in He was given an education at a Croydon-based school —Archbishop Lanfranc School. Tinny was born in 19th January He is among the very popular Ghanaian rappers. His songs are played just about everywhere in Ghana including in shows, events, television as well as the radio.

Tinny has swiftly dropped five albums since he entered the scene which was in He has also won a number of awards performing within Ghana and other international events as well. He was the brand ambassador for Glo Ghana in the year and has also campaigned for Cadbury as well.

He has several records with several Ghanaian superstars like Shatta Wale, Trigmatic, Kwabena, Hammer of the last two and many more. Samini used to sing in the church before the release of his music albums which have been a success in the music scene. After this, he was eventually featured in a number of singles by various talented artists.

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